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Living in Yorkville

Yorkville is one of Toronto’s most luxurious and desirable neighbourhoods. A diverse combination of commercial offices, high-end residences, and condos, five-star hotels, gourmet restaurants, and luxury shopping. Yorkville maintains an ideal fusion between historic Victorian architecture and new exclusive developments. Explore Yorkville Avenue and Cumberland Street, the heart of Yorkville, lined with boutique luxury shopping and world-class dining. These streets encompass the energy and atmosphere of Yorkville.


Yorkville Ave (c) Photo by SHANE Maps exclusively for SHANE Maps

Yorkville Ave (c) Photo by SHANE Maps exclusively for SHANE Maps


History of Yorkville

In 1853, the region of Yorkville was incorporated as a village after being subdivided in the 1830s by Joseph Bloor and William Botsford Jarvis. The village was named after the Town of York, the forerunner to the city of Toronto. The neighbourhood has continually maintained an independent identity. Yorkville passed through various identities before landing on the image we know today. In the 1960’s Yorkville was known for being a “hippie haven”, home to many free-spirited individuals. The region later progressed into a more upscale persona in the 1980s and 1990s and has continued to uphold this presence today.


Homes in Yorkville

From the 1870s to the 1890s, many Victorian houses were built in the Yorkville area. These houses were built with many decorative features including lush, manicured gardens, ornamental brick patterns, cast-iron fences, and gingerbread gables. Since these homes were built, Yorkville has seen significant gentrification, which has restored and preserved the architectural beauty of these properties. Many homes in the Yorkville community are registered on the Toronto Historical Board’s Inventory of Heritage Proprieties, which protects and maintains these historic structures. Ideally situated in midtown, this neighbourhood is home to Toronto’s most desirable postal codes.


Yorkville (c) Photo by SHANE Maps exclusively for SHANE Maps

Yorkville (c) Photo by SHANE Maps exclusively for SHANE Maps


Lifestyle in Yorkville

Yorkville is the epitome of luxury living. Offering the finest shops, restaurants, fitness centres, spas and grocery stores, this neighbourhood demands exclusivity. Yorkville has consistently been recognized as one of Canada’s top shopping districts. Home to a plethora of luxury boutiques and global brands, this district houses the top designers. Beyond shopping, Yorkville has a strong presence of gourmet restaurants and premium cafes. Mainly concentrated on Cumberland Street and Yorkville Ave, restaurants including Trattoria Nervosa, PLANTA Yorkville, and ONE Restaurant are all known as some of the best spots in Toronto. The neighbourhood of Yorkville houses some of the city’s most premium fitness centres. Both Equinox and Barry Bootcamp are internationally known for their top-quality experience. Pamper yourself at the Spa at the Four Seasons and enjoy a variety of their five-star treatments. Grocery shop at Pusitaries Fine Foods or Whole Foods Market, both offering premium quality products and an upscale environment.


The Hazelton Hotel and Residences (c) Photo by SHANE Maps exclusively for SHANE Maps

The Hazelton Hotel and Residences (c) Photo by SHANE Maps exclusively for SHANE Maps


Recreation in Yorkville

Yorkville embraces a sense of community among its residents and provides premium recreational offerings to the neighbourhood. Find beautifully kept parks and gardens to enjoy Yorkville outdoors. The Village of Yorkville Park and Ramsden Park both offer manicured gardens and outdoor amenities. Enjoy a match of tennis or a pool day at Ramsden Park or grab a coffee and sit outdoors in the Village of Yorkville Park. Laced throughout and around the neighbourhood, find numerous outdoor walking, running and biking spots. Stroll down the quaint street of Hazelton Avenue, jog through Severn Creek Park or bike along Rosedale Valley Road. Yorkville has countless opportunities to bask in the outdoors. Being in close proximately to the University of Toronto, the neighbourhood had two prominent libraries. The Yorkville Public Library and the Metropolitan Toronto Reference Library both provide quiet work and study spaces. Within walking distance from Yorkville, there are several museums and galleries. The George R. Gardiner Museum of Ceramic Art, the Royal Ontario Museum and the McLaughlin Planetarium all explore different historical roots.


Mist Garden (c) Photo by Mitchell Hubble exclusively for SHANE

Mist Garden (c) Photo by Mitchell Hubble exclusively for SHANE


Transportation in Yorkville

The city of Toronto has two main subway lines and the neighbourhood of Yorkville intersects both. This accessibility to both lines’ positions Yorkville in a prime location to access all of Toronto seamlessly, making it a highly desirable location. Yorkville also has direct access to the Rosedale Valley Thruway. This lush thruway connects the neighbourhood to the Don Valley Parkway expediting the travel time significantly, providing great benefit to commuters. Find countless bike lanes alongside most roads in Yorkville enabling cyclists to maneuver easily around the neighbourhood.

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