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Living in Woodbridge

Woodbridge is home to a large Canadian Italian population. The main street in Woodbridge is Woodbridge Avenue west of islington Avenue. Here you will pass over a scenic bridge and come upon a variety of shops, restaurants and businesses anchored by the Market Lane Shopping Centre. The Woodbridge Library is located right across the street. Just to the north of here is the Woodbridge Fairgrounds which hosts a variety of events including the Woodbridge Fair.


Woodbridge has a number of landmarks. In particular it is home to two nature conservation areas. One of these is the Kortright Centre for Conservation located at 9550 Pine Valley Drive, south of Major Mackenzie Drive, west of Highway 400. Situated on 325 hectares of pristine woodlands, Kortright Centre combines a natural oasis with some of the most leading edge sustainable education programs and events in Canada. The Boyd Conservation Area located at 8739 Islington Avenue is renouned for bird watching and nature hiking. The Boyd Conservation Area hosts outdoor musical concerts throughout the summer.


History of Woodbridge

Woodbridge was originally named Burwick after pioneer Rowland Burr who settled here in 1835. As the rural hamlet grew and mail delivery arrived, the town had to change its name as there was confusion with another settlement in Western Canada named Burwick. The name Woodbridge first came into use in 1855. Woodbridge was aptly named in reference to a landmark wooden bridge that spanned the Humber River and marked the entrance into the town. The old bridge was situated near what is today Islington Avenue and Langstaff Road.


Like most Ontario villages and towns Woodbridge’s growth was greatly impacted by the arrivial of the railway. In 1870 the  Toronto, Grey and Bruce Railway was the first to put Woodbridge on the map. Agriculture was a primary occupation. Abell Agricultiral Works that manufactured agricultural equipment was a large employer. Grain and flour mills along the Humber River also contributed to the growth of the village. Woodbridge’s growing population led to its incorporation as a Village in 1882.


Abell’s departure to Toronto in the late 1880s led to a decline in population and some harsh times for the newly minted village. In 1908, Woodbridge’s fortunes would take a turn for the better, thanks once again to the railway. First, the Canadian Pacific Railway routed its line through Woodbridge. Then in 1914 the Toronto Suburban Railway Company’s Weston Line expanded to include Woodbridge. The construction of Highway 7 in 1930 would signal a new era in Woodbridge’s growth.


New home subdivions first arrived in the 1950s. Each decade since has seen a steady surge in development. Woodbridge’s rural past is now a distant memory, farm fields replaced by soccer fields and new homes. The growth has been remarkable from the first pioneers to the many families that now call Woodbridge home.


Homes in Woodbridge

Woodbridge offers a nice mix of new home subdivisions that feature a variety of house options. In Woodbridge you can find townhomes with single car garages, 3 and 4 bedroom detached homes with 2 car garages, and 4 and 5 bedroom large estate homes with 3 or more garages. Most of the houses have brick exteriors and are nicely landscaped with good backyards.


Lifestyle in Woodbridge

Market Lane Shopping Centre has great shops and great food and is located right in the centre of downtown Woodbridge at 140 Woodbridge Avenue. This outdoor centre has a small town charm and even features a clock tower. Stroll through Market Lane and you will discover fashion boutiques and beauty salons as well as food shops and restaurants and a variety of professional services.


Recreation in Woodbridge

The Woodbridge Pool & Memorial Arena located at 5020 Highway 7 offers a myriad of skating, hockey and swimming programs for all levels and ages. Vaughan Grove Sports Park located at 7401 Martin Grove Road, is the home of the Ontario Soccer Centre. Woodbridge has two private members only golf clubs. These are Board Of Trade Golf & Country Club and The National Golf Club Of Canada.


Arts in Woodbridge

The Vellore Cultural Interpretive Centre located at 9541 Weston Rd., Woodbridge (Rutherford Rd. & Weston Rd.) was originally built as Vaughan Township Hall. This restored building features 2 programming areas on the main level.


Transportation in Woodbridge

YRT/Viva offers local and rapid transit services in the Woodbridge area. For more details visit their website: http://www.yorkregiontransit.com

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