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Living in Summerhill

Enjoy premium living in one of Toronto’s most desirable residential communities. Located among Toronto’s most exclusive neighbourhoods, the winding tree-lined streets and lush outdoor spaces make Summerhill a preferred district. Bordering Yorkville, the Annex and Rosedale, residents of this neighbourhood enjoy all the offerings from the surrounding communities within walking distance.


History of Summerhill

The ‘Summer Hill’ house built in 1842 by Charles Thompson was the initial structure in the region we now know of as Summerhill. The Summer Hill estate spanned 200 acres from present-day Yonge Street to Mt. Pleasant Road. Charles Thompson developed the property into an amusement park coined ‘Summer Hill Spring Park and Pleasure Ground’. Within the Summer Hill estate, Thompson had developed rides, games, swimming, and a dance pavilion creating a destination for day trips and picnics. In the 1860s, Thompson’s heirs subdivided the 200-acre property and from the 1880s onward, the growth of the region was centred around the emerging railroad. In the 1880s the North Toronto Railway station was built located in close proximity to the Summerhill region. This new industrialization attracted employment and opportunity which ultimately lead to the first residents of Summerhill. In the 1920s, Summerhill became the main Toronto station for the Canadian Pacific Railway which evolved the region at an expedited pace. Summerhill has continued to blossom into a neighbourhood known for its prestige and desirability which continues to be withheld in the present day.


Homes in Summerhill

The majority of original homes in Summerhill were built between 1880 and 1915 and mainly consist of semi-detached and detached Victorian builds. It is common for properties in Summerhill to lack driveways however much of the neighbourhood allows for permit street parking. Laced throughout the Victorian-style homes, Summerhill also encompasses a large variety of modern townhomes and luxury low-rise condominium buildings.


MacPherson Ave, Photo by Unknown

MacPherson Ave, Photo by Unknown


Lifestyle in Summerhill

Living in Summerhill, residents can enjoy exceptional shops and restaurants all within walking distance from the neighbourhood. Concentrated around Yonge Street and Summerhill Avenue, a variety of premium cafes, florists, boutique shops and restaurants all add to the luxurious atmosphere and environment of Summerhill. As the neighbourhood of Yorkville borders Summerhill, residents have access to the Bloor-Yorkville and Yonge and St. Clair shopping districts, two of Canada’s top shopping regions. Neighbourhood favourites include Quanto Basta, an upscale warm Italian boutique restaurant, Hopson Grace a premium tableware shop, and Terroni Price, an uptown renowned restaurant offering a multitude of dining experiences.


Recreation in Summerhill

The David A. Balfour Park, located near Yonge Street and St. Claire Avenue spans over 50 acres of lush green space in the heart of uptown Toronto. Walkable for all Summerhill residents, David A. Balfour Park maintains numerous outdoor running, walking, and biking trails transporting you out of city living. Enjoy a serene walk along the Yellow Creek River, enjoy family time at the outdoor playground or picnic with friends, this urban escape is nothing less than spectacular. Summerhill residents have easy access to some of the finest racket sports clubs in the city. Both Toronto Lawn Tennis Club and York Racket’s Club are steps from the neighbourhood and offer residents a country-club-esque atmosphere. The Toronto Lawn Tennis Club has developed a reputation for being the premier tennis club in Canada. From an exceptional social scene to world-class athletics, the Toronto Lawn Tennis Club demands exclusivity.


Transportation in Summerhill

Located between two of Toronto’s main artery streets of Avenue Road and Yonge Street, Summerhill residents benefit from the direct access to Toronto’s downtown core. Motorists also have access to the Rosedale Valley Thruway which connects the region to the Don Valley Parkway, expediting travel time significantly, providing great benefit to commuters. The neighbourhood’s subway station, located on Shaftesbury Ave is within walking distance from all homes in Summerhill. This proximity to all residences provides opportunity to access all of Toronto via the TTC seamlessly.

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