Glen Abbey

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Living in Glen Abbey

The very mention of the name Glen Abbey conjures up thoughts of the golden bear Jack Nicklaus striding down a fairway to golfing glory. Glen Abbey is of course Canada’s most famous golf course and is home to Golf Canada and the Canadian Golf Hall of Fame. It is also the first golf course designed by golfing legend Jack Nicklaus. And Glen Abbey is also the home of the first golf course community in the Greater Toronto Area. If you build it they will come. Indeed that is what happened as developers seized upon the glory of the Glen Abbey name and the bucolic landscape surrounding the course to build an entire neighbourhood now known as Glen Abbey. Some may say this is putting on the posh to refer to such a large geographic area as being part of one golf course community however; there is no denying the strong sense of community and pride of ownership that Glen Abbey residents enjoy. At one time this was the Oakville burbs but now it is considered central Oakville and is very convenient to a whole host of amenities as well as transportation corridors that make this an ideal neighbourhood for families and commuters.


The Glen Abbey neighbourhood spirit has been galvanized recently by the proposed demolition and redevelopment of the iconic Glen Abbey golf course. Residents have distributed newsletters, started a Facebook page and signed a petition demanding that this development be stopped. Lawn signs with the words “Save the Abbey” are prominently displayed throughout the neighbourhood. Residents have trumpeted the cultural, historical and environmental significance of Glen Abbey and warned that its demise would ultimately hurt not only the Glen Abbey neighbourhood but all of Oakville, if they were to lose this important landmark. The Town of Oakville recently voted unanimously to implement a new heritage designation and new zoning bylaw amendment, together with an official plan amendment and a new conservation plan all designed to protect Glen Abbey golf course from future development.


Homes in Glen Abbey

The signature enclave within this neighbourhood is called Fairway Hills. It is located off Dorval Drive next to  the Glen Abbey golf course. Many of the homes in this neighbourhood face or back onto the Glen Abbey golf course. The streets have golf names like ‘The Links”, “Golfview” and “Masters Green”. Many of these streets turn into cut de sacs that abut the golf course. These are the largest houses in Glen Abbey. Many are Georgian or Tudor revival in style with nicely landscaped front yards and double car garages.


Most of the houses in Glen Abbey are actually quite modest in size. The majority are detached two-storey homes but there are also a fair number of townhomes. These are typical late 1980s and 1990s subdivision homes with patterned brick and garages at the front. Some infill pockets in Glen Abbey have been developed more recently in the early 2000’s.

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