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Living in Applewood

Applewood is located in south Mississauga. This is one of Mississauga’s older neighbourhoods having been planned as a subdivision in the 1950s.  This area is conveniently situated in south east Mississauga, just a few minutes from the City of Toronto and the Mississauga City Centre. The boundaries are Cawthra on the west to Etobicoke Creek on the east, while the Queen Elizabeth Way forms the south border and Burnhamthorpe Road the north border. The greater Applewood area consists of the Applewood Acres community south of The Queensway and Applewood Heights and Applewood Hills north of Dundas Street. These communities are separated by an industrial park.


Applewood Acres is a tight knit community with an active residents association that hosts many neighbourhood events including an annual free BBQ and Swim, a Pumpkin Walk In The park, and an Easter Egg Hunt. They also publish Apple Press a quarterly newsletter that keeps residents informed about the goings on in the neighbourhood. The official Applewood Acres boundaries are:Cawthra Road to the west, Dixie Road to the east, Queensway Road to the north and North Service Road to the south.


History of Applewood

Applewood Acres first settlers included the Church, Haines, Graham, Stewart and Hedge families. Many Applewood streets are named after these early pioneer families. The cash crop of choice was apples and so apple orchards proliferated throughout the countryside. This part of Mississauga would remain largely rural until 1951, when ripe for development, G.S. Shipp & Son Limitedpurchased 23 acres of land for $43,000.Gordon Shipp was President of Shipp and Son and the mastermind behind the Applewood Acres subdivision. Gordon’s son Harold is credited with coming up with the Applewood Acres name.


Applewood Acres would prove to be a huge success and won many building in Canada and the United States for their innovative streetscapes and housing designs. Shipp & Son were critically acclaimed for their brilliant marketing strategies and promotions which included: airplane banner advertising, stagecoach rides, and full page ads in the newspaper just to name a few of the eye catching techniques they used to draw homebuyers to Applewood Acres. The first Applewood Acres homes sold for $12,800.


Colonel Sanders of Kentucky Fried Chicken fame resided part-time in Applewood from the 1960s until 1980. Sanders would shuttle back and forth from his U.S. base in Kentucky to Toronto where his Canadian headquarters were located. It seems the Canadian president of KFC was an also an Applewood Acres homeowner which made meetings between sanders and his president easy and convenient. By all accounts Sanders loved his adopted home and neighbourhood and was very visible in the neighbourhood much to the delight of residents.


A school, park, church and shopping mall were all constructed in the 1950s to provide service and amenities for the Applewood Acres families.Shipp & Son would built 733 houses in Applewood. Today, the total number of homes exceeds 1200. It all started with the vision of G.S. Shipp & Son who transformed apple orchards into a new vibrant neighbourhood.


Homes in Applewood

There are approximately 1200 households in Applewood Acres. The original housing stock was built in the 1950s and is largely intact. This selection of homes includes: ranch bungalows, split levels houses, one and a half storey houses and two-storey homes. Applewood Acres lots are a generous size which has caught the eye of builders and as a result there a growing number of new infill custom homes being built. Let us hope they have the same build integrity as the original Shipp houses which look as quaint and charming today as the day they were constructed.


Lifestyle in Applewood

Applewood is very community oriented. Neighbours get together throughout the year at Westacres  Park for special events hosted by the Applewood Acres Homeowners Association. The headline event is the Free Annual BBQ and Swim at Westacres Park held in June. The Applewood Garden Club hosts an annual spring garden tour in May. Not to be missed is the annual Pumpkin in the Park held on Halloween. Westacres Public School hosts a popular June Fair and Silent Auction.


Recreation in Applewood

Westacres park is a community hub with a children’s playground, strolling paths, and tennis courts. Applewood outdoor pool is a modern pool that is heavily used by the community. It is located in Applewood Heights Park which also has a children’s playground.


Cycling enthusiasts have plenty of options including Applewood Trail, a bicycle trail that follows the path of the Applewood Valley. This is a mixed use trail surrounded by nature. The Queensway Trail runs parallel to the Queensway through the Hydro corridor between Glengarry and the Etobicoke Creek.


Arts in Applewood

Head to the Central Library on Burnhamthorpe Road and you will find a myriad of Arts programs and events.


Transportation in Applewood

Midway has bus service routes in Applewood Acres. The closest Go Station is in Port Credit just a few minutes away.

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