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COVID-19 Response

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, SHANE is taking various precautionary measures to ensure the health and safety of our community. It is no longer business as usual for all of us.

Our Team

To support containment of the COVID-19 virus, we work from home as much as possible. We avoid sharing items such as phones, tablets or laptops, and refrain from greeting others with handshakes or hugs.  Critical meetings/group communication will be conducted virtually to continue supporting our clients. All other office meetings, special events, coffee talks, are cancelled until further notice.

The branch offices of the Royal LePage Corporate Brokerages will be closed to Realtors and the public until further notice. This will allow us to protect our staff while maintaining regular office hours and continuing to provide services to our clients.  The brokerage is still available by telephone or email. Signage will be posted to all office entrances communicating the closure and providing the office telephone number for questions. We ask that deposits when possible be wired electronically.

We are staying vigilant in observing our own state of health and that of others and will comply with the Health Canada and WHO 14-day self-isolation requirement if we are exhibiting any symptoms of illness, enabling social distancing as a preventative measure

Realtor and Public Open Houses

All traditional open houses are cancelled until further notice, and instead we’re reverting to buyer Realtor pre-inspections and/or scheduling virtual open house walk-throughs hosted by the listing Realtor.

Property Showings

We’re revisiting strategy with each of our listing clients and adopting distinct showing window protocols, with no overlap timing.  As well we request the sellers use disinfecting wipes to clean commonly shared surfaces like door handles and encourage sellers to thoroughly clean and disinfect their house before and after viewings.

All private viewings are asked to acknowledge this precautionary COVID-19 NOTICE which is also posted at active listing premises with the permission of the Seller, advising members of the public to not enter the premises in the event that they have travelled abroad in the past 14 days, experienced any symptoms of illness personally, or are aware of the second or third party contact with anyone experiencing the previous criteria.

We request visitors wash their hands with soap and water or disinfect with an alcohol-based sanitizer containing at least 60% alcohol, provided on site at our listings.  As well we ask visitors to limit physically touching items in the home.

Identification of Risk

We request clients or attendees to notify us if they become ill within two weeks of a showing. If an attendee does become sick or is diagnosed with COVID-19, we will make every effort to communicate this with the homeowner and other attendees if possible.

The instant a Realtor becomes aware of a self-isolation situation, direct illness, or second or third hand contact with a listing resident, the listing should be suspended and all showing activity immediately cancelled.

Offer Presentations

We’re revisiting strategy with each seller client regarding amended client direction for all offers to be submitted electronically to the listing Realtor so as to avoid unnecessary third-party contact situations, when endorsed by the seller in writing.

Above all else, we must make decisions that put our community safety first.  SHANE will continue to monitor COVID-19 pandemic as circumstances change, and provide updates as needed.





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