Interest List

Interest List

Our team, led by Shane Carslake, is tracking interest in your listing to create multiple offers. We are actively gathering feedback from contacts who have viewed your listing and keeping track of potential leads that have yet to book. We ensure that our clients are always well-informed and have transparent access to this information through a client-accessible Interest List. You can be confident that we are fully on top of everything.

Questions? Answers.

Is this info publicly accessible?

No, this information is shared with the listing owners through a private client access link.

Can I see a live demo?

Yes! Reach out to us, and we’d be happy to give you a live demo through a Zoom meeting. You can Live Chat with us or find other ways to contact us by clicking here.

How do you contact an agent or a lead?

Our team members have access to more columns in the Interest List’s internal version, which include contact details and the history of email or phone call transcripts. This allows us to quickly view all conversation history with a contact, including our internal notes, so we can work together efficiently and ensure your listing is successful.

How does the SHANE team work together on this?

We record all communication with contacts, such as agents, clients, and potential leads, in our system. This ensures that every team member knows the latest updates and can work together efficiently to close your listing in the shortest time possible and for the best price.

What happens when an offer is received?

We inform all individuals on the Interest List regarding the total number of registered offers, which encourages multiple offers to be made. Additionally, our client is promptly notified, and the offer is included in a client-shared folder containing all offers, which can be reviewed at their convenience.

What if a viewing does not provide feedback?

We actively reach out to all potentially interested parties at least three times to ensure that your listing stays at the forefront of their minds and that no one is overlooked.

What if someone reached out, but didn't book?

Any point of contact on your listing, even if a simple DM through Instagram during the coming soon period, is added to the interest list and followed up with.

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